Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Welcome to the Blog

This blog is designed to connect with the math teachers that I serve through the Alabama Math, Science, and Technology Initiative (AMSTI). I am going to post math and technology lesson ideas, reflections on professional development I am attending and articles I am reading, conversation starters to prompt input from other teachers and AMSTI specialists, and possibly some general musings on education and technology.

Because I no longer work directly with students, this blog is not designed for student interaction. However, students are welcome to join the conversation if you stumble upon us! I would love for the conversation to center around math lessons. The posts could contain the lesson plan with uploaded files to support the lesson, and the comments section could include my comments on how the lesson went as it is taught by me or others. I model a lot of lessons for teachers, and it would be incredible if they would post their comments about the lesson!

I have a dilemma...Blogger may be blocked at some schools where I teach. The easiest way to get feedback from teachers would be for them to comment as I teach the lesson; however, they may not be able to access this site. Edublogs would be a safer bet for that type of interaction, but I like Blogger better. I really like how Google integrates my blog reader, dashboard, and email. I am going to have to think about this some more. Maybe I could ask teachers for written feedback that I could actually post to the blog. That would save time in class because I wouldn't have to show them how to post comments. I could create a form to guide their comments so that they were constructive. This blog could become a Lesson Study for 6-12 math....I could edit the lesson as suggestions are made and house them in a wiki...the wheels are turning in my mind as I write...I love blogging!


  1. Nice new home for a shiny new blog Jeanne. I know your new journey and blog are going to be a success like your last blog.

    I too love the bonus that Google offers. Edublogs have adds embedded into the posts. I hope you find a way to keep this blog running the way you need to. I too love Google forms. Easy to use and adults love the clean interface.

    Please be sure to call or ask anything if you need a collaborator. Glad to hear you Masters is almost over.


  2. Wow, Jeanne~

    I am really impressed with your blog!

    So thorough… I am glad you are around to help people like me out!


  3. Jeanne,
    Your dilemma of blocked sites is one that I am hearing a lot. Instead of trying to decide how to get around it or giving up on a great idea we need to gather evidence to support the use of various technologies and convince the powers that be to trust us (isn't that why we were hired). Get parents or school board members on your side. Invite them to track your blog, set up a reader account for them. You are obviously enthusiastic about blogging and that should help convince the administration and since you do not work directly with students your blog may be a great place to start. I know the task is more challenging in the larger schools but we have been successful in my district to unblock You Tube and blogs. The students are even allowed to use their chat options in the Moodle classroom. Good luck!